X-ray : How to filter any field

Hi !

I’m struggling to filter by other fields on an X-Ray view.

My table has a lot of other fields that I’d like to use but Metabase only show 4 of them to me.
Why ? Where can I set which fields should be showed ?


Hi @fredbh
Have you defined your Data Model, so the fields have a type defined? X-rays are automatic, so depending on your data, they might not show exactly what you want.

X-rays try to be smart and pick the most interesting fields to filter on while at the same time fending off information overload.

Currently there’s not much you can do. One option as @flamber suggested is trying to map your fields to more specific semantic types. The more specific the type, the more important we rate it. A more brute force solution is to save the xray and edit the resulting dashboard (which is like any other dashboard).

Hi !
Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

So, I´ve map all fields. The specific field that I´d like to filter is setted as “Category”. Now I´ve setted it “Entity name” but nothing changed. What type would be appropriate to allow the filter?

Suggestion: It´d be great during maping fields, let the user set if this field coud be used as a filter on x-ray.

I´ll try it for now.

Thanks for all !

You’ve inspired me to somewhat improve the heuristic which fields to pick to filter when there are a lot of fields with the same interestingness as it seem to be in your case. Thanks!


Cool !
Thanks sbelak.