X-Rays does not work

Soooo I am the first one asking about the X-Rays? :smiley: I was so looking forward to this feature.
Now I got v0.26.1 and the first thing I did was creating a new timeseries question.

But there is no shiny X-Rays function to be seen?

What am I doing wrong? The only thing that differs to the example question in the blog is that I don´t use the database standard field created at but another date field that is specified by us.

Thanks for any ideas!

Ah found it - I was too fast. You have to save the question before x-rays appears.

Now it does for my new query. But it is not there for my old queries? Unfortunate, but something I can live with.

Works now. But how can the day over day growth be -100%? That does not seem logical? Also the month over month seems a bit off? How are you calculating these?

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Probably if you set it to Extended will get better results (though that seems to be the default value).

Hi Ender thanks!
yes it is the default value for me too. The numbers seem just very different to what I would calculate … Does it work for your data?

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I am experiencing the same issue. I have added several new questions, followed the instructions on the blog and nothing. Is there something more detailed that I should do?

@andrep, are your saved questions SQL/native query ones? Right now x-rays work on GUI-based time series saved questions; or on fields, tables, and segments that you navigate to in the Data Reference section. You can also x-ray a segment from a saved question that uses that segment.

But how can the day over day growth be -100%? That does not seem logical? Also the month over month seems a bit off? How are you calculating these?

Sorry for the delayed reply, Eva. I think the day-over-day growth number being -100% is because the values for “today” incorrectly being represented as 0 — i.e., I think this might be a timezone issue. I think the week-over-week percent change actually looks roughly right (especially since the 7-day range before the last 7 days has a big spike).

I’m not sure about the month-over-month number since we don’t see any of the values from the previous month in your screenshot.

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Hi Maz, thanks for answering!
I get it.

As I only calculated the last 30 days the month over month can´t calculate anything.

It would be nice if there are no values to calculate month over month (so when you only show <= 30 days of data) that the month over month number would just not appear rather than showing a weird number that confuses the users.
And the day over day - is that a bug then?
Will we be able in following versions to enable/disable the x-rays we would like to see (then I could just disable the day over day number)?


@maz, thanks for responding. My questions are in SQL, which I have to use to group by dates (stored as text since the data source is SQLite). Is there a workaround until A) there is a way x-rays work with custom queries or B) Metabase is able to identify dates easier ( I have an H2 database where this is possible, but I cannot do custom queries on it).

Eva S thank you very much for updating, i found what was my problem by reading through your posts (never thought that sitting home and doing nothing but searching for https://onlinepharmacyreviews.org because of my health issues can be helpful, but it can as much as i can see here). thanks a lot. do you, or anyone else here can help me with some other questions that i have? i see that maz is way much more experienced than me and i would appreciate some help!

@Otinsilly yep, I’m part of the Metabase core team. If you have more questions related to this topic, please feel free to ask them here; otherwise you can always create a new topic, and we’ll do our best to address your problems.