Xray crashes and produces Fatal error - need to reinstall every time


As the title says, every time I click on a database item and “Xray” it - it starts to load data but then crashes completely. Producing the below error as soon as I try to restart Metabase. Somehow it crashes the entire system and I have to reinstall Metabase to be able to use it again :confused:

What should I do - or is there nothing to do about it other than not Xray items

Hi @MrOrange
You shouldn’t need to reinstall - but perhaps a process isn’t closed correctly, so you’ll need to close that before you can start Metabase again.
This is specific to Mac App - disable X-rays in Admin > Settings > General

Thanks! Too bad it does not work in the Mac app was keen on exploring the X-Ray feature and finding out more about it. I will make sure to keep it off, for now, hopefully, this will be fixed one day.