Zip File for AWS Elastic Beanstalk not available [solved]

I have had two failed attempts at installing Metabase on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk by following the tutorial provided by Metabase itself.

The link that creates a new application (the one that says Launch Metabase on Elastic Beanstalk) contains a broken link. I acquired a zip file from an external location, but there seemed to be something wrong with it and I faced “Severe” status on my application from which I could not recover.

The instructions no longer seem to apply to the latest version of AWS.

Is there a more updated version of the instructions I can use? Or at least a new stable zip file?

Are there any other caveats?

Your tutorial link above points to version 0.12.0 of the guide. That version of Metabase is from 2015. I would try following the latest version of the guide:

edit: also skimming through the above page there seems to be an old version of Elastic Beanstalk (don’t know which would apply to you) where there’s different docs: <— note URL contains -old. for this

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thank you for your reply! I used the latest version and now it is up and running.