[0.30.2: DONE] Portuguese Translation


Guys, there is a small portion of metabase still not translated into portuguese. It is rather minor, but here it goes:

Metabase is getting better as time goes by. Keep up the excellent work!


A bit more things to translate:




Thanks for the reports, Lucas! We’re now actually using a tool call POEditor to allow anyone to help translate things in Metabase, without any required technical knowledge. If you’re interested in helping out with Portuguese, you can get started here: https://poeditor.com/join/project/ynjQmwSsGh

I think you’re right that the new bit of text about pinning dashboards got shipped in 0.30.1 without being translated. As for the other two items you pointed out in your second comment, those appear to have be translated into Portuguese, so I’m not quite sure what’s up.


The pinning message is also covered by this GitHub issue:

… and the translation is already in POEditor:


Holy cow, that tool is amazing! I’m surely contributing to that whenever I can! Great stuff there! Thanks for the quick reply!


I’ll be a bit of a dare-devil MUHAHAHAH and – prematurely – mark this as [0.30.2 DONE].

Yep, POEditor is cool - it’s just that there are so many of you pt-BR people here… so it’s currently already at a 100% translation. But I guess new features flowing in can always do something to that :wink:


Yep, things should be back to 100% translated for pt-BR in version 0.30.2 thanks to the awesome translation community.


Hi there,

We are already at 0.30.3, and I’m having a hard time to make my browser accept the language change. Ath the backend, strings are mixed between pt-br and english. At the front end, the string “no result” also still shows in english.

Any hints?


It’s probably the never-ending hunt for the perfect translation from here to eternity. The translations in Metabase are still young - and they can only become more towards perfect by use - and people noticing glitches and gaps here and there. When new code gets with new user-visible strings get introduced they should be marked according to this section in the developers guide https://metabase.com/docs/latest/developers-guide.html#internationalization

There’s the possibility that those can be forgotten - but it’s an area where it’s easy for most people even those who would consider themseles as non-developers to:

  1. contribute changes to add i18n marking in the codebase
  2. Add the translations in POeditor - see a few post above

:slight_smile: :es: :fr: :cn: :de: :brazil: :norway: … etc.


Jørn already wrote some great notes, but I’m specifically interested in this line you wrote. What behavior are you seeing exactly beyond the back-end string and the “no result” phrase you already noted? Is the rest of the UI consistently being displayed in Portuguese?


Hi Max. Its looks like some kind of cache, but I’ve already cleaned everything and it still looks like this:

If I open in another computer, it works well.