Default Port Number for SQL Server Shows 1433 but apparently isn't


Version 0.31.2


I was attempting to add an SQL Server database and began receiving timeout errors when attempting to save. I debugged by putting the jar file on a server which I knew had access to the database in question. After several abortive attempts, none of which worked, I happened to try something out of desperation.

The Port Number shows a default of 1433.
I hand entered 1433 into the Port Number field.

Lo and behold, the system connected instantly. I can only assume that the internally used default port number for SQL server does not match what is displayed, although I cannot begin to guess why.


Just referencing in case someone stumbles over this:


I’m not sure this is a bug at all. On the same screen, there is a default database name, but it’s obviously not going to be correct. You have to enter a value, that’s all.


It would probably be better if a sentence was used, like with Name and Username.
I can see how having “localhost” and “1433” looks kinda prefilled (use the default).
That’s how a lot of other programs work.


It wouldn’t be except that MySQL shows 3306 as placeholder text and connects without filling in the field. It is a defect because the expected behavior would either be:

  • Make the port a required field and eliminate the distracting number
  • Make the port field behave as MySQL’s connector does; where the placeholder is the default.

Sorry I didn’t give the contrasting information concerning MySQL.