Do you plan to add new types of charts?


Do you plan to add new types of charts?
I need two types:

Speedometer Charts (
Heat Map Charts (


There are developers Metabase?


Hey there! Metabase will always be looking for ways to improve our charting features. Our next release will include a progress bar chart type rather than a speedometer chart:

We do currently have pin maps, but don’t yet have heat maps, though there is an open GitHub issue about heat maps.


Hey, @maz , are you guys planning to add new charts in the v0.31 of Metabase? A combined chart option would be awesome (eg. create a bar chart combined with a line one)


Yep! Line + bar charts are currently planned for 0.31, as well as gauge charts. We’re also working on a type of number card that will show the percent change vs. the previous period. We may also have a new summary/pivot table visualization with lots more controls over pivoting, totals, and subtotals, and things like that.

Bar AND Line Chart