Filters are not showing


I have an issue where all my questions do not show the filters (as per picture shown below):

All questions come from a custom SQL query

T.fecha AS Fecha,

CONCAT( P.apellidos,  ' ',P.nombre ) AS Paciente, 
CONCAT( A.apellidos,  ' ', A.nombre ) AS Doctor,

L.nombre AS Laboratorio,
IF(PD.liberado=1, "1", "") as Lib,
IF(PD.pagado=1, "1", "") as P,

ABS(PD.saldo - PD.abono -  PD.desc) + PD.abono as Ventas,

F.abreviatura as TPago,
PD.empresa as Emp,
SELECT CONCAT( M.apellidos,  ' ', M.nombre )
FROM adm_user M
WHERE = B.id_vendedor
) AS  Vendedor,
C.porcentaje AS Porcentaje,
ABS(ROUND((PD.saldo -  PD.desc)*(C.porcentaje/100),2))  AS Comision

FROM test_completo T
INNER JOIN pagos_detalles PD ON PD.id_test_completo =

INNER JOIN adm_empresa L ON T.id_empresa =

INNER JOIN adm_user A ON T.id_doctor =
INNER JOIN adm_user_doctor B ON =
INNER JOIN comisiones C ON = B.id_comisiones
INNER JOIN pacientes P ON = T.id_paciente
INNER JOIN adm_empresa E ON T.id_empresa
INNER JOIN forma_pago F ON F.idformapago = PD.tipopago
INNER JOIN registro_pagos R ON R.id_pagos_detalles =


Is there something missing on the SQL query? a bug?

  • Which version of Metabase are you using?
  • Did you recently upgrade?
  • Does this happen with new questions that you create, or only existing saved ones?
  • Is this only happening when you create a question where you’re using a SQL query as the source data?

  1. Version 0.31.1
  2. Yes I did. Though this was happening before the latest upgrade.
  3. It happens with new questions and existing ones.
  4. I cannot tell. All my data sources come from SQL Queries.


Hi, I was wondering if there is any information with regards to this.

Is it my sql query that is not right?
Here is another example. Thanks!

[Filter BY] Field not showing up Metabase v31

Hi @rviteri. I think your issue might have been resolved in version 0.31.2 which we just released on Friday:


I just updated to 0.31.2 but no luck. Issue persists.


Hmm, okay. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for the information, Ricardo. I’ll pass this along to the team.


Thanks! hope we can get this to fix.