Is there an export feature for the dashboards?


I have created a dashboard and one big thing that our users always ask for is the ability to export the data to csv. Is this a feature in Metabase or is there a way I can accomplish this through the API?

[0.30: DONE] Ability to download from Dashboard

You can export each question individually but we don’t have the ability to export an entire dashboard yet.

Obviously this wouldn’t be a single csv … would your users like a single CSV per card? a zip with all the question’s csvs? I suppose if we had an XLS export, we could in theory export each question as a tab.


I think a really beneficial solution would be to take a csv of each question and put them on tabs or even just put an identifier to the particular card and put them all on one tab. I have a similar product which allows you to analyze surveys through charts but when you export to cvs it normalize it and exports each question in one document. For BI purposes I think csv export is vital. Another nice option would be PDF export. Love this tool by the way and my team and I are excited to see its future. We have been trying to find a suitable NoSQL reporting tool short of building our own in JS for a while now. Most tools still haven’t caught up to No SQL data.


A PDF option would be fantastic…


I am new to Metabase and have create a dashboard which I have embedded inside my web application. Issue I face is that from Metabase application we can download data @ question level, but from when I embedded this dashboard inside my application I cannot.
How can we export data @ question level?
Any help appreciated.


We don’t offer that at this time, but there is an open Pull Request for this –


@sameer has there been any update on the pull request listed? This is exactly what I need for my embedded dashboard