LDAP works but not the group mapping


I configured the LDAP today and after some minor issues with our DAP schemas I was able to get the basic auth working. But I cannot seem to get the group mapping to work. Our schema is simple, dc=cm,dc=cluster, the users are there, and then there is ou=Group,dc=cm,dc=cluster. Our metabase is a docker, I am unsure where to look for logs to see what is actually happening. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Here’s an example mapping from our instance:

CN=Accounting,OU=Some Other Grouping,OU=Groups,OU=Staff,OU=Accounts,DC=example,DC=org

I’m not an expert on this, but make sure you get the CN= part for the actual group you’re trying to map.


I think the issue with our LDAP is that groups are POSIX groups. I cannot find any documentation on what LDAP attributes are needed by Metabase. Originally for our user accounts, they were also POSIX. Only when a user was recreated as an inetorguser, and the first name attribute was filled in, would login work for them in Metabase. Any help here would be helpful.