X axis for bar charts difficult to read


I use bar charts a lot as they are easy to read for my users. When I leave the x-axis on “ordinal”, the graph looks good but the x-axis description overlap and is impossible to read:

When I change the x-axis to “timeseries” the x-axis description is easy to read but the bars look weird:

Is there a way to have the best of both worlds - e.g. having proper bars even when you define it as time series or having only a few of the descriptions on the x-axis to make it readable even when the x-axis is ordinal?

As I had to change all the bar charts to time series to make it look good again I assume this is new in 0.25.1 as the ordinal graphs looked good when I created them a few versions ago.

Thanks, Eva


This is fixed on master and the fix will be included in 0.27 :slight_smile:


yay! :slight_smile:


Hi @maz, looks nice now in 0.27! :+1:


Glad to hear it! :smiley:


I’m very glad to write my first message in Metabase Discussion.
I would like to extend the topic asking if it’s possible or not to rotate form horizontal position to vertical position labels X-axis in order to see all labels X-axis ?

Thanks for your answer.


Hi @SBoisson & welcome :slight_smile:

You cant rotate currently - but a design for it has recently been created on top of a newly created issue … so looks like it’s in the pipeline somewhere …


Thanks a lot Jornh !