[0.31: DONE] Trend Area Graph changing colors when using Filter Drop Down

I have a Trend Graph that uses Filter Pull Downs here: https://metabase.sophos-tools.com/question/536?trend_suite=Mobile%20Suite

The problem I am having is that even though I have set the colors to Green = Pass, Red = Fail, Gray = Skip there are times the graph gets drawn where the colors for Pass and Fail switch. This causes some confusion to my Users who though they see a test with a high Pass rate that rate is displayed on the graph in Red, which most think of as a Fail. This happens when people use the URL link back to the report, we have some static URLs setup on an internal page that allow review of the trend with a specific filter value already set.

Is there some reason that a Trend Report would switch colors that are set in the original question? If say the counts for Fail were higher than Pass it now takes a color assigned to another value for display.

I somehow can´t access your link (probably because I have a crappy internet connection on the train right now) but your issue reminds me of something I experienced: Chart changes colours with new filter values.

And I remember (but didn´t find out if I ever created a bug report for it or mentioned it somewhere) that sometimes when I group my data and sort them the order changes when there isn´t a value for every category I am sorting by.

Not sure if that helps but maybe your issue has also something to do with order by?
Hope you figure it out, cheers, Eva

I am grouping the data, since we want to show the trend for each test pass and fail. Funny part is it doesn’t happen each time, its random, and two people looking at the same report at the same time can see the colors switch. I guess it depends on how well the settings for color and value is staying on the trend, for now it looks like its not, which is not what I would expect.

Ah I see … thats weird that two users see different colours!!
It might be related to this github issue in case you would like to add to that: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/5910

Added to the Github, I hope this gets looked into. As I said there, while this seems small it has a huge impact on Users.