Ability to Link Dashboards (Eg. User list dash -> click ID -> user dash for that id)

In a dashboard there is a question that returns a tabular view of users. I would like to be able to click a row of this and for it to take the ID and load up the single user dashboard with that ID.

Is this possible - if not is this a feature that is being worked on because it would be great.

(Also as a side note - can we expect the ability to create questions with python/javascript/java etc for more complex questions in the future?)

Hi, I would like to second Jamal´s question about linked dashboards - it would be great to be able to click on one link in dashboard A and that would open dashboard B that gives more detail about that entity.
Any plans of implementing that in future versions?
Cheers, Eva

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A hack I have used to accomplish this is to build the list of e.g. users on the overview dashboard as a SQL question. If you then add a field like

SELECT concat('http://Metabase.whatever.com/dashboard/42/userid=', userid) AS link FROM users

You have a link to the detail dashboard if it is dashboard number 42 and it takes a userid as parameter. Admitted it’s ugly with a hard coded link including servername etc. … but hey it does the job :wink:


Hi thats a great idea! Thank you! Will definitely do for a workaround until its possible to link dashboards to dashboards. :slight_smile:

Somewhat related to this solution/workaround is this GitHub feature request for a refined display:

This looks like a good solution - however we use embedded dashboards with signed parameters… Given that every row would then need to have a signed URL, I can’t think of a way to make this work in our situation.

Do you have any thoughts on how we could get this to work?