Add coments to data points

When we are looking at graphs sometimes there are points of inflection or points there are off the prior regression, would be nice to add notes to these points. In a way that another user know what caused the change.

Yeah, definitely something we’d be interested in doing. We’re tracking this feature suggestion on GitHub here:

Related to this feature request on GitHub: (duh @maz beat me to it - looks like there are several open issues on it - this one, more specific - but with some vizual mockup to look at)

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Difficult part of this is that the data may change, but the annotation stays the same. SAP BI handle it by having the notion of an ‘instance’. This is a snapshot of the report/visualisation at a moment in time (allows history too). Then you can comment on the specific instance. They also allow a dicussion, but that’s for another thread. In practice, the feature is rarely used due to problems of what it is that’s being commented upon.

I’d be more interested in seeing something more generic - allowing ‘comments’ to be populated from the database, but having some way to write back to the database from the visualisation. You’d need a button or some form of interaction. That could be written as an extension to the visualisation allowing for much more generic interactions. At the simplest level, it would allow for my desire to have links that launch in new browser windows (sorry, but Markdown doesnt do it for me).