Admin panel Site URL

What would be the general process to set a custom url for a locally hosted Metabase instance? (however "tricky" it may be)

(I know this is an old topic, figured I'd try replying before creating a new thread)

Hi @Bungle
That topic was 5 years old - too many things have changed.
The Site URL should be set the the actual URL used for getting access to Metabase. It is not something you can just set to whatever you want, otherwise you'll get into trouble with several functions that contains links, like email, embedding etc.

Thanks @flamber. Understood, thanks for making it a new topic.
My question is how do I set up the actual URL to be something other than localhost:3000. I know the Site URL setting just affects things like email/sharing links, not the actual access configuration. So how do I change the actual access URL?

I'm running the JAR file on Windows, if that makes a difference.

@Bungle Running services/daemons on a server only exposes which interface and port it's accessible from. You then need to setup DNS and routing to make it work from "human" addresses.
That has nothing to do with Metabase specifically. It's the same if you tried to setup a webserver.

Right, I guess I am asking how to set it up on Windows Server/IIS. Metabase is running on its own embedded Jetty webserver, so how would I bind that in IIS - which as you say is nothing to do with Metabase specifically.

I think this was the piece I was missing:

Will give it a shot, thanks @flamber

Did this work for you Bungle? I am looking to do the same for my project.

Hi @jwithing I have not tried it yet.