Autenticate by LDAP a user that have no email

Hi to all,
I try to configure SSO LDAP Authentication,
In my LDAP server are registered some users with mail and others without mail.

I can log through LDAP auth only users with email configured and not the users without email,

I tried to put the following configuration:
USER FILTER (&(|(displayName={login})))

but the login is allowed only to users registered with email, if the user is without mail, Metabase send a ‘password not valid’ message.

Instead, with the following configuration:
USER FILTER (&(|(displayName={login})(givenName={login})))

when I try to log by LDAP a user that have any email setted, i obtain the following message:
Input to create-new-ldap-auth-user! does not match schema: e[0;33m [(named {:email (not (“Valid email address” ))} new-user)] e[0m

Unfortunately I can’t assign a mail to the users that I want to login.
There is any way to bypass the mail control during the LDAP authentication?

Thanks for your answers,

I’m not using LDAP for auth, but could you pass a fake address for those users without an email? Meaning the login would be

I also thought to that, but i’m really newbie both with metabase and ldap
What I tried is that when mb have to log a new user, it creates a new user, passing a mail as you say (i.e.
to do that I tried to put following attributes:

nothing of these tricks seems to work and I didn’t find anythink about how to do something like this on web.

Anyway it’s a bad solution and I prefer something like that configure mb to not require a mail address

Doing some searching, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible.
Since I don’t use LDAP - then I’ll attach a link to another forum post and ask a super user.
LDAP Debugging

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@PGianlu no it’s not posible by configuration to not have Metabase require emails.

It is due to this hard coded check:

You may remove the check - but I’m unsure what else will break then. For sure sending emails to those users :wink:

Depending on your setup some options I can think of are:

  • modifying the Metabase source where you possibly have to maintain your own fork. Alternatively contribute a solution back that is both simple AND behaves well for empty emails.
  • Find a way through some background task to inject dummy valid email addresses to the LDAP to an alternative field, like you tried with pointing to givenName.


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It is still needed to have emails ?

I am using version 0.34.2.

thank you

@drydog Emails are still required. If you don’t have emails, then you could create fake ones by prepending something like @drydog.tld

Thank you for response,

Where should I add this “fake ones”?

@drydog To the returned data, so Metabase sees all the user accounts as emails.

So you mean put {login}’’ in Admin > Authentication > LDAP > Attributes > email attribute field ?

@drydog If your server will accept that, then yes. Try different things - it’s difficult to help with LDAP, when I don’t know your setup or schema.