Backup Queries with Github

Hey! I'm using Metabase on an elastic beanstalk instance and it's working great so far. We're looking to scale, so we need to connect our queries to github repo. I saw the response here that metabase has versioning. This works, but I would like to still connect to github to...

  • Have global backups - there have been many posts where people lose their queries during an update
  • Have another layer of versioning - probably bi-weekly/monthly syncs
  • Implement PR system

Is there a way to connect the metabase queries/preferences to a github repo? My first instinct was to back up the entire Elastic beanstalk instance. Is that the best path forward?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @michaelberk

I would recommend moving away from EB, so you have much more control.

Also, you won't lose anything as long as you backup the application database. All the posts you have seen has likely involved people running with H2 in production.

You are basically looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

There is Serialization, which allows you to dump all questions from a Development instance - all those questions would be flat-files, so easily imported into Git for review, and then after review, you would load everything into Production.

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Serialization should do the trick. Thanks a ton!