Connecting Dashboard to Github

Is there any method, using which we can connect our Dashboard [ or basically the queries ], to our personal GitHub repository.
The purpose over here, is to create a backup of our queries, so, if in near future, if the queries written got deleted or lost, I wouldn’t have to write the query again and go through the entire process.

Please, do suggest any help or any other platform which can be used apart from GitHub.
Though, GitHub is preferred.

Thanks a lot!!

Metabase keeps versions of everything, so you shouldn’t need a separate version control system. Alternative would be to backup the Metabase system database.

hi Andrew

i was just checking the version thing you mentioned
i can see the past versions of my question in metabase, but i’m not able to revisit those previous questions.

my end goal over here is to, by any way, able to access all versions of any question
just like we have in GitHub
attaching a snap

Works for me. Looks like you don’t have any previous versions: