Broken filter of a custom column in signed embedding preview

Hello community

Metabase version: v0.44.6

I was working on a dashboard where there is a question that has a custom column (Figure 1). I have linked this custom column to a filter on my dashboard (Figure 2). But when I try to share it (click on sharing - embed this dashboard on application - Preview) to take it to a web application, I find that the filter has been deconfigured, since my filter was of the text type but now it is of the numeric type (Figure 3) . I have been able to replicate this problem in other dashboards that I work with and the common feature every time this problem occurs is that it uses a custom column.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Finally when I am in my web application I cannot enter any valid value because it requires me to put numerical values in the filter.

I have already posted this problem before in this forum. The first time I published it with the Get Help tag, because it was what I considered correct, but with the new observations I've made I think it could be a bug.

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I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue.

please upgrade to 46.6 and let us know if this is fixed thanks