Text filter change to Numeric filter after dashboard embedding

Hi community! :blush:

I'm working on a text filter for a dashboard.

Currently, this dashboard is embedded in a web application, but the filter changes from a text filter to a number filter. In the Metabase dashboard, it remains a text filter, but in the web application, it appears as a numeric type. I'm not sure why this filter change is happening. I need the filter to be a text filter in my web application.

Attaching images of the current filter on Metabase:

And the filter in the web application:



Metabase version: v0.44.6
Embedding: Signed Emnedding
How do I create the filter?:

  1. I opened my dashboard and clicked on "Edit Dashboard."
  2. Then, I clicked on "Add Filter."
  3. In the filter options, I selected "Text or Category."
  4. Under the filter condition, I chose "Contains" and entered "Day Type" as the label.
  5. Finally, I linked the filter to the "day type" column of a question. This column is a custom column that only contains values of two types: "Weekday" and "Weekend."

I would appreciate any assistance in resolving this issue.


This problem happens even before embedding. Let me explain:
I follow this steps

  1. Enter to my dashboard
  2. Click on sharing
  3. Click on ** Embed this dashboard in an application**
  4. Click on the Preview
  5. Click on Day type filter and it asks me to enter a number

I have been able to replicate this problem with another dashboard. The common feature between both cases is that the filter was applied to a custom column.