Can I refresh only one Schma or table per refresh?

I have a need right now,I parse it in Excel or CSV to Vertica or Clickhouse and create a new table,and hope to see it quickly through Metabase.If there are too many tables in Vertica or Clickhouse, Sync_Schema can be slow.Is there a way to make the refresh granularity smaller, such as refreshing a schema or a table?
I hope to get some answers. Thanks.

Hi @jesse1
There’s currently no button available to sync a schema, but it can be done through the API:
There’s a button to sync a table in Admin > Data Model > (database+schema) > (table) > click :gear: in top right corner

Hi @flamber,I know the API, and I want to refresh ata smaller granularity, not for a database.
Is there a less granular refresh?

@jesse1 There’s currently no smaller granularity. The sync process should be fairly quick even with many tables.

I’ve tested over 10,000 tables in my tests,Its refresh rate is not satisfactory, so I am looking for a more granular refresh

@jesse1 Which database type is that? And how long does a sync take?

Sounds like you would probably benefit from this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
There’s several related issues in this comment:

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This thread offers 2 solutions:

  • using the internal API POST /api/notify/db/:id. See docs
  • hiding / showing a table from the Data Model will require a schema scan for the table