Can non-admins set up Slack pulses?

I've set up Slack on our self-hosted Metabase instance.

For me (an admin, also the person who set up the Slack integration) I can set up a subscription to a Question or Dashboard using either Email or Slack.
For my colleague (not an admin), they only have the option to use email.

I can't see anything in the documentation, nor in the settings, that determines whether a user can subscribe with Slack specifically. Is there something else that we need to configure?

Hello, similar question. We're cloud users. We'd like users not to have to be in an admin group to be able to create alerts that post to our configured slack channels. Currently, we can't seem to find the exact permission that enables this. Any idea which permission controls this?

For clarification, I'd like non-admin users to see the email or slack options in the alert configuration when they click on the bell icon in the bottom right corner of a question or query. Thanks.

EDIT: found the feature request Allow non-admins to create slack alerts #17526 which indicates this is not possible. Apologies I'm just learning there is a difference between alerts and pulses. Regardless, I feel like non-admin users should have the ability to create alerts to slack. I guess until it's sorted, we'll have to settle on non-admin users submitting a request to admins to configure alerts.

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