Cascading/dependent/linked filters & custom sort order in v0.31.0?

Does Metabase already have this in v0.31.0? Have I overlooked something? Is it on the horizon? Is it on the radar? Is there a native workaround?

Highly dimensional data like say hundreds of products categorized by color, type, quality, etc. across multiple geographies organized by State, County, region, district, city, zip, etc. requires a bunch of different filters that often conflict. One filter for State and another for city and another for zip, for example, it’s normal to pick a State and narrow the city filter down from thousands to a few dozen then pick a city and narrow the zip filter down to something more manageable. As is, select a State then a city from a full list of thousands and if the combination doesn’t exist then poof no data! For embeds it may be possible to build a filter mechanism outside of Metabase (conceivably even one where users can save off their favorite filter combos a la GitHub Pull Request #7817) but the time, the effort, the maintenance of something like that… It would be so very much easier if Metabase had this capability built right in to meet expectations of logically arranged filters and make the user experience that much more engaging.

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