Changing the Variable value, causing new question

Same bug as here:

It's creating a new question when I change the variable value. Causing permission error for some users.. + No Explore button.

Thanks, please check and fix this.

Hi @Ash
If you're not on the latest release, then upgrade:
No need to duplicate posts - either comment on a topic, or create a new topic - not both.

Ok. We're not using the self-hosted version. but the Metabase Cloud. The current version it shows is 1.41.2

I think it should auto update there no? Can you point me where to update?

@Ash That is automatically handled for you.

But could it be that someone is accessing the SQL question from a dashboard, which had modifications on the dashboard?
If yes, then you're seeing this issue:

There's a lot of work being done to address filter issues.
Most of this will be available in the upcoming 1.42 (January).