Completely Unresponsive with Nested MongoDB Columns

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I'm currently using Parse Server as a BaaS. In Parse, it has a column for ACL, which contains a JSON object describing the user permissions for a particular row. The problem is that Metabase treats these as nested columns, leading to ~ 30,000 "columns", which means that doing anything related to those collections is impossible as Metabase becomes unresponsive trying to load 30,000 columns.

I have tried the solutions in the linked question, which did nothing, and even manually deleted the extra "columns" from the database, but every time Metabase re-indexes, they come back. Is there anyway I can fix this? I don't even need the ACL column within Metabase, so is it possible to exclude an entire column from being indexed?

Do you have a screenshot of it? I wonder if this is caused by the parser for MongoDB.