Is it possible to hide / turn off nested columns for MongoDB?

Hi all,

I’ve connected my MongoDB successfully to Metabase 0.25.1.

However, a big block to us using Metabase is that the User table in our database has nested fields. These fields are all unique, and are getting displayed as unique columns in metabase. This leaves the User table with tens of thousands of columns (instead of ~20) and makes it quite difficult to make queries.

I noticed that this functionality for MongoDB was requested and implemented back in 2015. Does anybody have suggestions for how I can disable this functionality? Thanks for your help!

See example below:

I think you could do this by going to the Admin Panel’s Data Model section and changing the visibility setting for this field. Alternatively, I think if you change the field’s Type to Field containing JSON it might fix this behavior.

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I have switched the ACL field visibility to “Do not include” and type to “Field containing JSON”. However, it didn’t make a difference because those other fields in the JSON are still present in the data model.

I’m thinking that perhaps there’s something I can run in MySQL to either clear those columns or prevent new ones from showing up from the ACL json. Let me know if you have any other ideas, they’re much appreciated!