CSV/ JSON/ XLSX downloads does not go with the nginx configuration

Hi All

I am embedding my first few reports crafted through metabase. Everything works like a Gem but i am not able to download CSV/ JSON/ XLSX of a report, it does not take the configuration from nginx redirection.

Please find my nginx configuration below

location /metabase/ {
proxy_pass http://localhost:3000/;

All my reports go through

https://mydomain/metabase/… ==> This works

but my downloads are going directly like https://mydomain/api/

Even they should go through https://mydomain/metabase/api/… Please give me some solution on this.

Sounds similar to what’s already reported and categorized as into #bug-reports in Shared Dashboard, Download link /api/ missing site url prefix here on Discord.

Latest status there is the response that the problem is still there in 0.30.0 …

This is a very serious issue. Hope it would be fixed with 0.30. 4

Many are waiting for this fix.

Do you have any work around for this @jornh?

Sorry - no, not really …

(I’m just another Metabase user with a day job as well, and currently not using Metabase behind nginx with a non-root location. To be fair I believe that’s the segment of users being affected by this). So I guess that’s the obvious workaround, that may or may not be viable in your environment.

I dug briefly into the source code for Metabase, and think a starting point could just be to search the code for “xslx” like here: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/search?q=xlsx&type=Code

I have no idea if it’s the frontend javascript or backend Clojure API that is misbehaving - but maybe by prying open a browser console and looking at network traffic you’re able to narrow it down. That would be a good first step towards resolving the issue.

I hope that helps (either you, or someone else getting bitten by this) …