Dashboard Cover

is it possible to create cover for all dashboards which can have link to all dashboards at one place.

Hi @Prajakta2021
What does "cover" mean? Could you explain in more details or perhaps a screenshot?

Sounds like you're looking for this: Pass filter between dashboards
Or perhaps this:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/10873 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

I am looking for cover as per attached file. its like cover page which have the button to navigate to dashboards and details about dashboards. We can go to specific dashboard by clicking on the respective button. So it will be act like a main page/start page.
Also is it possible that i have a map like attached snap. suppose if i click on certain state on map , it should navigate to that states data from the base table.

Maybe something simple, like this dashboard, with markdown texts and links:

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Yes. Exactly.
Because going further i also wants to restrict the dashboard access to certain groups only.

@Prajakta2021 You can restrict permissions via collections:

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Is it possible to add any logo or image on cover page. or Dashboard

@Prajakta2021 I would highly recommend that you read through the documentation, since it will likely answer most of your questions:

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Thanks that was helpful. I got answers to all my questions.
However, unable to load image from my system. Only web URL images are reflecting.

@Prajakta2021 Modern browsers will not allow file references - that's only insecure browsers like IE that supported that.