Dashboard filter on multi-level aggregation query

Hi, I have a multi-level aggregation query, and would like to apply the dashboard filter at the very top before data flows through any of the aggregation steps. Is there a way to accomplish this? I saw a suggestion in one of the threads to pass all the fields I would like to filter by through every aggregation stage as a "group by" field, but this would unfortunately alter the semantics of my results and therefore is not a viable option. Can I somehow control where the dashboard filter gets applied?

Hi @snabar
I'm guessing you're referring to this thread: Dashboard filter on query with two summary steps

So if I had a question with multiple aggregations and filter from the dashboard, then you want the filter to be applied in the beginning?

That would require that all fields are exposed to the dashboard.
This would be tricky and could potentially go against the permissions. We are working on trying to adjust the permission model to allow more flexibility, but there's no timeline on that (it's very difficult).