Data Model changes and inconsistencies in 0.30.0

We just upgraded to 0.30 and several questions stopped working. When digging into the Data Model info I see several old tables pop up and a few newer views that are no longer there. I’ve attempted synching the database schema but that doesn’t actually change anything. Any suggestions on how to make Metabase actually rescan the schemas to make sure it has the current reality?

Metabase: 0.30
DB: Postgres 9.6
Browser: Safari and Firefox

This is causing any questions related to these newer views and tables to fail… they simply continue forever spinning and don’t report that they’ve failed.

Thanks for your help!

Since there doesn’t appear to be any easy solution to this I created a new database entry in Metabase (pointing to the same db as the existing one) and have begun rolling all my queries over to the new database, which thankfully accurately reflects the schemas that are there. Although that is really easy for those questions written in SQL, it is a tremendous pain to update the ones that use the builder… every time you adjust the table source all other fields are blanked out.

Anyway, I really like Metabase, but it has over the last year+ constantly failed when it comes to dealing with schema changes in Postgres. I’m hopeful that the team eventually figures out how to update the internal data to accurately reflect schema changes in the database.

See: [0.30.1: DONE] X-rays and redundant fields
I had a similar issue and managed to solve it by digging around and exploring how things work in the internal db; ymmv. Agree, would be better for the software to do it, but let’s not lose sight that this is a fantastic, constantly maturing open source piece of software :slight_smile:

Interrogating the internal db is enlightening; if you can I would highly recommend it.

Aaaand … if you look in the #faq category here (<-- click the link) … you’ll find a starting point in “Metabase Metadata SQL” posted by @AndrewMBaines and a few others … great resource!

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