Embedding in a web application

i’m new in metabase, i know how to embed a question in a web page , but is it possible to integrate metabase i my web page so i can be able to create my charts directly through my web page dynamicaly… thank you in advance

Hi @mohamed,

Yes it is possible.

Here’s the link to the documentation “Embedding

thank you, but i just don’t want to include charts i want to integrate metabase in my application, i want to have the metabase interface in my application and the documentation doesn’t show how to do that.

I think you stumbed into “click-jacking prevention” talked about here (It’s there for a reason !!): IFRAME won’t redirect to login page

We don’t provide a way to embed our entire interface within your application.

We’re intended to be used as an application not a library, and would encourage you to think of us in those terms.

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