ERROR: column "=" does not exist Position: 273

I tried using the "SumIf" operator to make a Custom Expression and I received the error "ERROR: column "=" does not exist Position: 273".

Can you share the Custom Expression and an image of the GUI editor so I can see what you are aggregating

Thank you for responding to my question, @TonyC .

The Custom Expression is:
SumIf([Is Entrepreneur] = True, between([Core User - User → Created], "2022-01-01", "2022-12-31"))

I'm also attaching an image of the GUI editor.

If you check the Documentation you will see you have some wrong setup for the SumIf:

So in your case you will need to:

SumIf([some_column_you_need_to_sum], [Is Entrepreneur] = True AND between([Core User - User → Created], "2022-01-01", "2022-12-31"))

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Thank you, @TonyC ! That clears this up!

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