Field Filter dropdown is incomplete

I have a field filter on a table that has more than 200 rows. When adding a filter value, users see a dropdown with the first ~100 values that appear in the table. Is this the expected behaviour or is something wrong?

I’m getting the same issue when adding a filter using the query builder. Only about 100 options appear. Is this a bug or a feature limitation?

I’ve got the same problem and so I use Contains option to bypass.
There is any option to increase option list limit or order the filter for get higher values ?

Hi, a very similar issue (or maybe the same?) (Restricted amount of entries in Drop Down filter) was fixed in v.0.27. What version are you using? If you don´t use 0.27.x already updating might solve the issue :slight_smile:
Cheers, Eva

0.25.2, Metabase say there is no update… I will update manually so.

This problem persist in last version

sorry to hear that! My problem was solved in v0.27 …
Good luck!