Filters are not displaying values

Version of Metabase - 0.32.5 (Latest) and Postgres as metadata database

I have used Filter in the dashboard and the field used in filter is set to “Category” in data model and filter type as List of Values.
When i do rescan values on this field, Filter in Dashboard list all the values to choose from dropdown , however when i logout and login it does not show any list of values. I can still filter dashboard by typing the value in filter and it works.

Can anyone help to let me know if i am doing any thing incorrect which is causing to behave this way.

Are you trying to use filters on multiple cards, which are using different databases or different tables?

I have used filter to filter multiple cards from same database (sql server). However underlying is a view based on 2 tables

If Metabase only sees a View, then it’s the “same” table.
But if you have different tables, then it’s a known issue - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:

It can see view, how can i get this fixed.?

Can you post your query of both cards including the Field Filter reference (screenshot), since it should work, when using the same Field Filter reference.
Which database are you querying?

I did further check on dashboard and one card was using different table then rest of the cards. removing that card made all difference and filter started showing values in dropdown. I will upvote for getting filter working on multiple table and this feature will really help a lot.

This thread can be resolved.

@flamber thanks a lot for your valuable inputs on this. You are really very helpful. Thanks

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