How to connect Metabase Heroku with mysql(Localhost)?

I was trying to connect Mysql running on localhost with metabase on heroku but it wasn’t connecting. Can anyone tell me why is it happening and how will I be able to connect Mysql on localhost with metabase on heroku.

Hi @Kamran
So you have Metabase on Heroku to connect to MySQL running on your local computer?
That would require some sort of tunnel between the two - not a recommended setup.
Why don’t you run Metabase on your local computer by using the JAR-file?

I won’t be able to share the dashboard to someone else that’s the issue. I switched to heroku because of the same reason but here i am not able to connect with database.
Can we publish or share dashboard online while running it on localhost??

You can share your localhost with one of the following options:
Not quite the most optimal solution, but I guess it would work, if you don’t have a public IP.

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