How to Stop Unknown Device Email Notification When Using API

Whenever I use the API to get the session key using my Metabase username and password, I get an email notification automatically sent from Metabase that "We noticed a login on your Metabase account from a new device. Unknown device type (unknown/unknown) - Unknown location" etc...

How do I prevent that notification from being sent for my account and API calls?

I know it's me and I don't want to get an email every time I use this. Especially while I'm testing and playing around with the API to figure it out.

Link to Metabase documentation that states this will occur:
Account Settings (

Hi @awconsultingservices
Try searching the forum or Github first:
We've noticed a new login on your Metabase account

And reuse sessions instead of creating new sessions on every API call.

Thank you!