HTTP ERROR 500 The database has been closed [90098-197]

I have recently updated Metabase to the last version, 0.43.

All of a sudden neither me or anybody from my team can access anything on Metabase. We normally get the following error:

  • HTTP ERROR 500 The database has been closed [90098-197] (see pic 1)
    But when refreshing the page, we also get:
  • HTTP ERROR 500 General error: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Writing to nio:/opt/metabase/ failed; length 4780032 at 188690432 [1.4.197/2]" [50000-197] (see pic 2)
  • see pic 3
  • and when trying to log in, we still get "HTTP ERROR 500 The database has been closed [90098-197]" (see pic4)

There are discussions with the same (or similar) issue ( e.g. here) and it seems like the problem has to do with the fact that we have not migrated from the default H2 database to a production database yet.

Unluckily I cannot show the troubleshooting logs as I currently cannot access anything on Metabase.

I am asking for a confirmation that this issue is (or is probably) associated with not having migrated away from the H2 database.

Thank you for your time.





Hi @mattia
Yes, the problem is because you have not migrated away from H2, when you started using Metabase in production:

The second picture looks concerning - looks like your H2 might have become corrupted. Only one way to tell, make a backup and migrate away from H2.

Check your server logs - they will show the same logs as available in Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.