Increase number of categories on forum?

I’d like to propose an increase in the number of categories on the forum and the removal of the Uncategorized option.
Most of the postings can be broadly placed into one of ‘Setup’, ‘Configuration’, ‘Design’, ‘SDK’ and ‘Feedback’. I’d also remove the option for posting in FAQ. Instead forum administrators could post links to useful posts in FAQ.

Too many of the current postings are uncategorized and there’s no control over what ends up in FAQ.

At the moment, this isn’t a major problem, but as the number of posts increases, the site would be more useful with more categories. It’s also much easier to do this now rather than trying to clean up later.

What do other users think?


Totally second that and would suggest another category “query issues (SQL/others)” as a lot of the questions in this forum deal with setting up filters, writing SQL and so on.

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As always you guys add very valuable comments here - so I’ll 2nd (3rd? :smile:) that!

One question though @AndrewMBaines (or --both-of-you-- anyone really): What’s the difference between “setup” and “configuration” tags?

And then I just noted that as a badged user in here you can create wiki pages … I think I’ll just experiment with that and see if that would be useful as “hub” pages or starting points to organically grow the categories from.

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I was thinking of setup as being more behind the scenes stuff you only do once. Configuration being more ongoing. On second thoughts, they should probably be one category (it was 7.30am and I was trying to write quickly before having to sort out a problem at a customer!).
Wiki stuff sounds good- I just need to get some more points.

I think especially for new users it would be easier to find topics when we add more categories. I found already several topics that are double in this forum, dealing with the same or a very similar question. I would be happy to have us “experienced” users (or a subset that wants to do it) to periodically “clean” and recategorise the forum, but I guess for that we would have to get more access rights? (and of course some sort of ok from metabase :))

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I know the feeling - never do anything important before you had your first :coffee: - (or perhaps :tea: for you? :wink:)

Not really - I’ve kicked it off with the first Wiki page - guess I’ts just a matter of building the next few one’s - just @jornh ping me with what’s needed in this thread

I´m a regular now as well :muscle: will use this power wisely!

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So …uh … Hi!

I’m doing a bit of (overdue) housekeeping on the discussion forum and would like to bring this subject up again.

Do you all still think the categories suggested above make sense?

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