Linked Filter Not Working

Hi there,

I've created a dashboard that has a Tenant and Store Filters. a Tenant will have multiple stores associated.

When I change the Tenant, I want to see the stores associated to the tenant.

I currently have the Store filter Linked to Tenant. Tenant loads data from the Tenant Table, the Store From the Stores table, and there is a tenant entity key linked to the Store table.

It doesn't work. What's the correct setup? it doesn't work from Connected Fields, It doesn't work from another table or question, not when I set the same table as the source for both, etc... Nothing works.
Connected Fields:

I can manage to get linked filters working actually like above when I search, with Connected Fields, but there is no drop-down. Help please

Hi gabrador,

I believe there is an option to set the field as dropdown in Admin Settings > Data Model > go find your table and field name , click on the gear button > Filtering on this field set as A list of all values.
There is a limit of how many rows though, so this might not be working because there are too many options from your field.

Hi Vincentparuh,

This is already set. occasionally I get a dropdown, but most of the time it's a search box.

Why doesn't it work when I use a question as the source?

A question as a source breaks the linked filters as Metabase doesn’t know how to build the linkage between filters

Hi Luiggi, thank you for the explanation. So what's the de facto solution to getting the linkage in place? With a dropdown and cherry on top?