Linked Filters are not working

Anyone knows how to fix this, please. The "Linked Filter" feature isn't working when my drop down is made of a model or a question.

I have the filters added within the same dashboard named "Country" and "City" which is working as it supposed to. (All the cities should be filtered based on selected Country). The value for "Country" and "City" filters is set as "From Connected Fields"

The ones that are not working are those named "Staff Names" and "Agent Names" which are supposed to be filtered as well based on selected "Country" and "City" however, the link between them is not working.

I have to set up the values for "Staff Names" and "Agent Names" based from a question because it doesn't give me a drop down option it it wasn't set up that way.

Although the dashboards populate correct data when agent names and staff names are selected. It was the link between "Country","City" and "Agent Name","Staff Name" is the one that is not working.

Please help.

Creating new table where all the data is gathered and then using linked filters would solve the problem

This should work, can you post troubleshooting info and reproduction steps?

I tried creating a whole new set of model for the purpose of using at for my filters but it still not linking.

are those models sql or gui?