Making posts sticky

We created a bunch of WIKI posts a while back. They’re now dropping off the first page, so people are likely to be asking questions already covered in depth. Is there any way to make the WIKI posts sticky?

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@maz any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Without it, we’ll just end up with my rambling SQL posts and the interesting stuff will disappear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey all! Thanks for the work you’re doing to create these wiki posts, and for suggesting ways to make this forum easier to browse and find what you’re looking for. I’m going to set some time aside in the next few days to catch up on these suggestions and think about some things we could do to make the curation of the forum more sustainable going forward.


I have noticed that when someone else than me posts to the WIKI posts they float to the top. (Probably for good reason’s I can’t because I created them).

@maz I guess you don’t need to set aside a whole lot of time to simply pin the 3 WIKI posts to kick it off and we can adjust from there … I just learned that each user can choose to unpin them - but hey … they can also choose to not read them anyway!

Also, how about the good old categories idea? Increase number of categories on forum? … I’m thinking maybe we should align them with the official Metabase :blue_book: doc categories?

… Oh … and one more … third thing: I see other Discourse instances also have :white_check_mark: solved markers. Would also add a bit more structure. But all that is probably for you study time during the week :tada:

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Hey @maz looks like you created some new stuff under :wink:

So far I’ve started moving over some posts into the new categories to see how they work out (noting that Regulars and admins in here can do that).

I’m still worried that everybody thinks their particular topic is a FAQ and unsure if the categories are helpful for end users when searching and also if people are able to categorize their particular “problem” right — so I foresee some shuffling around going forward.

On the plus side I think the categories are really good for the Metabase core team with binning :recycle: into potentially actionable topics (see what tool feature I just referenced there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) — so that’s a potential way to scale the team with some community effort …

But let’s see how this plays out!


@jornh How do I change the category on an existing post? Am I just not allowed or am I missing something obvious?

Hi I lost that ability too when I became a Super Helper :-/

Does that mean that changing categories is now beneath us? We need some underlings we can delegate to!

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haha probably!

Ugh. I’ll figure out what’s going on with the category permissions thing.

Just for the record we think you are all amazing and really appreciate the help !


I stayed as regular (not as regular as i used to be though)

I still have the ability to just click the pencil icon right after the thread title and I still have the option to re-categorize:

@EvaS - it looks like @jornh has volunteered to be our underling. :grinning:

@AndrewMBaines @EvaS Sure - I’ll happily act as underling (wrt. discourse re-categorizing ONLY :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) for both of you until the Metabase HQ guys figures something out with the “Super Helper” role.

Just shoot me a PM or @mention me in the Lounge – whenever you find something that needs re-catogorize – with topic link and desired category (so we don’t spam other discourse areas too much).

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