Making the Y-axis time based

I am trying to relate completion date by time using the Hour and Time per day as a Y-axis, with the X-axis being the day. Using this I would like to graph across time when a specific Job completed, we have a field called update time that I can format as a 24 hour Hour:Minute:Second. Taking only one per day I’d like to be able to compare the update times with a line graph.

Problem is the Y-axis doesn’t seem able to display 24 hour time, it is only showing me linear measurements.

Any way to display 24 hour time on the y-axis? We are using Metabase v0.25.1


Curious - Did you ever find a solution for this?

I sort of got around this by just using the Hour and using that to at least say “it happened in this hour…”
Now if I could work out how to only get the latest entry of the day I’d be done with this one.