Metabase 0.31.1 bad performance --> CPU 100%

Dear all,

when i start Metabase RC1 it is extremely slow, because the Java Job takes nearly 100% of the CPU. Also the RAM usage is two times bigger the my old Version. I’m not able to test it, because the RC1 Version meke my whole Server slow. I have to stop it every time.

What could be the Problem?


Are you running the upgrade? If so, it’s just doing the upgrade process. Can take a few minutes before it drops back.
If not, why are you on RC1 and not on the final release?

I copied my production metabase for my test Folder and replaced the metabase.jar to check what is new. But after one hour of 100% cpu i stoped the RC Version. I did it 3 times and the CPU was still on 100%
What do you mean with upgrade? where can i see, or stop this process?

One hour sounds bad.
If you launch a newer version fo Metabase against an older database, it will update the database with any new stuff. This can take a few minutes at 100% CPU. Not an hour though.
I’d say your database is probably corrupt by now. Go back to a backup and try with the release version

I think, i found the Problem. It’s not metabase, it’s the db2 connector “db2.clj”
Metabase starts the table scan even though everything is disabled. Also the caching data.
I think, it’s needed for the automatically generated Analytics in Metabase startpage.

12-06 14:06:02 e[1mINFO sync-metadata.tablese[0m :: Found new tables: (Table ‘DA15005658.OCQ2M00001’ Table ‘DA00177576.DDZZ9RU001’ Table …

I think, i have to check the db2 connector in detail and change it.