Metabase application database Documentation

Hi everyone,

As my company is scaling we are more and more people working on metabase.
It is of course a good thing, but this raises some issues about how to organize the data as to be able to share the best insight with everyone.

In order to track how questions were organized, I had the good idea to plug the metabase application db (Postgres in my case) into metabase itself, which seems to work without too much hassle.

I am however at a loss on how to use such data… There are 54 tables and I have found no documentation on this forum or elsewhere…

Is there somewhere you could point me too ? Or should this be something that we can start building ?

Bonus question: my most pressing matter is to be able to identify which question contain a certain word, as to be able to replace a variable efficiently. If someone has the solution for that without providing the full documentation I would still be grateful :slight_smile:

Hi @LoicM,

Unfortunately there isn’t much documentation around those tables outside of the Metabase source.

Regarding your question, you’ll likely want to take a look at both the Report Card and Report Dashboard tables. There are some other folks on the forum here that have written SQL queries to update data in the application data, but there are some caveats for example with table/field ids.