Metabase Architecture

can you please help me to understand Metabase Architecture along with that how does the data loading & data handling and cache mechanism works in Metabase ? Any documentation would be really helpful

Hi @vsuravaram

  1. The user creates or views a question in the frontend and that sends a request to the backend.
  2. The backend checks if it has a cache of this query - if cache is enabled, and it's not a no-cache request, and if cache TTL is still valid. If yes to all, then cached results are returned - go to step 5
  3. The backend sends the query to the database
  4. The backend receives results from the database - if cache is enabled, then the results are stored
  5. The backend sends the results to the user (frontend)
  6. The frontend displays the results in the visualization chosen

For reference:

Thank you for the swift response. May I ask you to share any Metabase Architecture diagram

@vsuravaram I'm not sure what you are looking for, but all the source code is available on

@flamber, I a referring to the attached architecture diagram. Could you please help me to understand in deeper


@vsuravaram Metabase is single, contained service, so that would just be similar to what you already have created.

Thanks @flamber .Do you have any additional documentation on the architecture apart from the above which explain about data handling & data loading etc.,

@vsuravaram It's very broad questions you're asking. I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for or what you need it for.