Metabase Error when Adding a Map

I am testing the function to add a map in Metabase and I am running into an error. This is what I have done;

  1. Created a GeoJSON file from a shapefile using FME translator
  2. Uploaded the .json file to GitHub. The .json file previews in the Github map view correctly
  3. Copied the raw link location and used that in in " URL for the GeoJSON file you want to use " parameter in the map creation dialogue
  4. Click “Load” and then I receive an error " r.features is undefined "

So, I am not sure why I am getting the error. The file only contains around 10 records and is very small. It populates correctly in Git.

For the record, I am running a local install of Metabase using v0.35.4. I’m on Windows 10 and browsing with Firefox 77.0.1.

Hi @rossi45
Post the JSON file

This is it.

As i mentioned, I just used FME to create it.

@rossi45 I have no idea what FME is. But the file should not use Windows linefeed style (return+newline), but Linux style (newline). And should be UTF-8 encoded.

That’s not a map. That’s a couple of shapes. Metabase does not overlay your map on a satellite background.
Here’s the US map used in Metabase:
These are some excellent tools:

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Thanks flamber! You are right, they are just some shapes I wanted to test with that I would like to use further on. Secondly, FME is a Universal translator between File Types. It’s excellent if you are in need of that type of function.

I’ve been testing and I think the translation needed some tweaks, but I do believe the tweaks I made changed the encoding and linefeed style because I finally got one to work. I just started with Metabase last week and I have a lot to learn, however it seems to provide a lot of function that I have been wanting for a while. I appreciate your help and quick response. Also, I used but it was still giving me grief. Could be something to do with the files I am using, too.

Also, thanks for pointing at the US map. Is there a Canada map at all? Thanks.

@rossi45 No, Metabase currently only has a map of World and US - search the internet for “canada geojson” and I’m sure one of the first results will be something you can use.