Metabase isn´t working anymore after update

we just installed Metabase and also updated the new version 0.22.1.
Since then whenever I try to start Metabase I get the message (see screenshot).

Same for a colleague.
We use Mac and installed Metabase local on our laptops as test.

Thanks for any hints, help, suggestions!!

Hi again, it seems to work when you install it on a new machine. So its probably the update rather than the new version that wasn’t´t working for us. Will try and deinstall and reinstall on our previous laptops tomorrow

Possibly the same issue:

Hi everyone, we figured out how to reproduce this issue and pushed a new build that addresses this. Download the fixed version here.

Sorry about this issue, please let us know if you have any more problems!

Hi, yes same here. Thanks a lot for your support!
Cheers, Eva