Metabot + OpenAi

Hello everybody,

about Metabot + OpenAi as per this announcement (Metabase on LinkedIn: It’s Friday night—time to welcome our newest friendly robot overlord. Meet… ) I did exactly as indicated, I configured my openai key, but when asking questions, Metabase does not respond, it only shows the questions and or dashbords already created. That is, it does not assemble a result from the question. Is there any other configuration to do?

Lourival Oliveira

Hi, try creating a model and then you'll see the "ask metabot" when clicking on the 3 dots on the top right

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Here it doesn't appear for me "Ask Metabot", see the print I took:

you need to create a model first, and after you create it, the 3 dots will appear

Ah sim, ok...consegui habilitar o Metabot, vou testar as perguntas agora.
Muito obrigado Luiggi, valeu.

Sorry to ask, but how to enable it on the self-hosted free version?

You need to download the release and then go to settings->admin-> metabot

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Which version of Metabase does it support?

you need to download the specific release, as it's a separate branch made specifically for this

In your experience how long are these phases of heavy load? I can access ChatGPT normally, so I'm not sure if it's a general OpenAI problem. Or is there a cap on the number of requests allowed coming from Metabase?


I'm having the same issue

@wanda and @tonypaul you need to create a model and after you create a model, click on the 3 dots on the top right and click on "ask metabot"

Mesmo criando o modelo e fazendo as perguntas em Inglês, ele não conseguiu me responder nenhuma questão. O que sera que houve?

you need to create a model (Models in Metabase) and after you create a model, click on it and then click on the 3 dots on the top right and click on "ask metabot"

I did exactly like this, I clicked on the 3 dots and on "Ask Metabot" and this was the result.


Yes, same for me. And I also added my OpenAI key of a paid plan (not the pro subscription).

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either openai is overloaded or we're sending a massive payload. Remember this is in alpha mode and we'll be optimizing the feature shortly

I'm thrilled about this but I'm been facing some java issue. First this alpha branch requires java 11 to run (on my production metabase instance I'm running java 8).
Then when trying to input a question to sir metabot, I got a PKIX validation exception :

PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

I'm not a java guy, any help will be appreciated.


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you need to upgrade Java to v11 :slight_smile:

Hi @luiggi : yes, that's what i've done. I also had to add an option to start without PKIX validation.
If anyone needs it :
java -D"" -jar .\metabase.jar (do not use this for production systems !).

Anyway, at this moment, I still have an error "heavy load".