Migrating from SQL Honey 1 -> SQL Honey 2

I am getting errors in my log that states that I am using a depreciated version of the SQL Honey 1 driver for SQL server. I would like to upgrade to SQL honey to to be compliant for 0.49. I have reviewed the following section in the help documentation,

but I'm not sure that I understand what I need to do to transition all of my SQL Honey 1 based connections to SQL Honey 2

Any help would be great appreciated.

Has anybody migrated their SQL Honey 1 to SQL Honey 2 driver? Will this happen automatically? My guess is that most Metbase users that are using SQL Server are not spending time reviewing the logs and if this is not an automatic upgrade will experience a breaking change on upgrade to 0.49. Some feedback would be much appreciated.

Short conversation on the same topic here You’re using a Database driver which is now deprecated and will be removed in the next release. We recommend you upgrade

Metabase team member seemed to indicate that the message is being produced in error as people are also seeing it for MySQL which he explicitly states is not being deprecated.

My understanding is that for official data source connectors we (Metabase users) shouldn't have to do anything, it'll be migrated as required.

we'll do it for SQL server driver, you shouldn't worry

Great. Thanks for the update. Do you know when that conversion will happen?

unfrortunately I don´t know