MongoDB query for getting records created in past 1 hour (for mongo verions <3.6)

Hi all,
Our Mongodb version is 3.4.24. I want to fetch the documents created in the last 1 hour.
I went through this discussion.
The query provided in this discussion is :

    "$match": {
      "$expr": {
        "$gte": [
              "$subtract": [ISODate(), { $multiply: [ 1, 24, 60, 60, 1000 ] }]

This query does not work on mongo version less than 3.6 and gives the error:

Command failed with error 2 (BadValue): 'unknown top level operator: $expr' on server The full response is {"ok": 0.0, "errmsg": "unknown top level operator: $expr", "code": 2, "codeName": "BadValue"}

Which I am guessing is because of the version of my database.
I have a query similar to this

                    "$gte": new Date(ISODate() - 36000)

which works fine with mongodb but doesn't work in metabase since we cannot pass anything other than string in new Date().
Is there any query which can give documents from the last 1 hour for mongodb version 3.4.

I don’t think we support that old mongo version, have you checked that?